WTC Building 6: 9/11's Neglected Orphan

    What caused the damage to World Trade Center Building 6?

    The first indication in Manhattan that something other than plane crashes was afoot came with large amounts of white smoke rising from much closer to street level than the plane impacts, before the South Tower fell. This is also shown in Rick Siegel's 9/11 Eyewitness video.

    It would be easy to confuse this smoke with the large pyroclastic dust cloud emanating from the WTC site seconds after the South Tower's collapse, which was likely dust reflected up off the south surfaces of WTC 5, 6, and 7, because there is no similar cloud reflecting up off of WTC3, which would be on the right side of the Twin Towers in Rick's video. A demolition charge in WTC 5 timed to coincide with the collapse of the South Tower, perhaps?

    At any rate, WTC 6, the Customs Building, was severely damaged before the first tower collapse. From street level, it looked 'blown out'. Viewed from above, it was blown out.

    Like this picture showing WTC 6 prior to any collapse, photographer Bill Biggart took one showing a rather damaged-looking Customs Building, just over the red sign "122" on the very left. Is this the stock paint job the Port Authority applied to WTC 6? If not, this discoloration and blown windows could only be caused by either a bomb in the building or falling plane parts, and the global aspect of the discoloration tends to rule out the latter. The heavy parts of "Flight 11", hitting the North Tower directly from the north, penetrated it. Presumably, the light parts bounced off. It is doubtful they really destroyed Building 6.

    From the air, a gaping hole can be seen extending down 8 stories into the center of the building. Official reports (link pending) claim that the shape of the crater roughly matches the shape of the outer wall of the North Tower that fell on it.

    The Marriott Hotel, WTC 3, struck by falling debris from the collapse of WTC 2 even more devastatingly than WTC 6, shows a visually very different characteristic of damage. We know the damage to the Marriott is caused by falling debris because we have Bill Biggart's direct photographic evidence of it:

    Bill Biggart's final picture, on the right above, taken BEFORE the North Tower's collapse crushed him to death, shows that in this building, totally collapsing at least 13 stories in places, windows are intact unless specifically hit by debris. Strangely, the collapse of the North Tower, which was further away, subsequently pile-drove the whole building down to about three stories above grade. Compare that to this image of WTC6 which, along with all other views taken post 9-11, show a structure totally blown out.  Clearly, raining debris from the North Tower when it collapsed caused damage, such as the damaged roof on the facade facing West Street. Note that this column & spandrel segment, the only medium-duty pieces from the North Tower we can authenticate, didn't even penetrate through the top floor, however.

    Also see this view of WTC6, which shows a building contrasting starkly with WTC 3.

    Is the quantity and shape of WTC1 north wall shards really consistent with the size and shape of the crater in WTC6? Look at this picture very carefully:

    We can't say from this photo that the debris inside the crater looks more significant than the other column and spandrel parts of the roof that did NOT collapse. But it certainly is a wonder that the very INNARDS of the building were so precisely scooped out, leaving only a uniformly-thick facade to hide the true extent of the damage from the street-level passersby.

    The video Loose Change contains panning footage of the northwest corner of WTC1 with a curious discoloration up from street level, shot BEFORE either WTC1 or 2 collapsed. If this is distorted cladding, claiming it as damage from falling plane debris would be clutching at straws. The damage is so uniformly extensive we suspect intense heat from a thermite event in WTC6 or WTC5 withered the aluminum cladding like so much foil.

Since no official investigation questioned the origin of the damage to Building 6, its determination remains an action item for independent efforts.

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